From January to March Ibiza is filled with love, calm, and almond blossoms in the Northwest of the island.

Valentine’s Day has already passed, but in Typic Hotels we are still in love with Ibiza, we just can’t help it! During the month of February the almond trees in the interior of the island start flourishing, specially in Es Pla de Corona, an area full of almond trees that becomes so lovely and romantic that is worth a visit during February or March.

A nice show that nature offers for free.The soft pink color, so characteristic of these flowering trees, joins the immense blue of the island of Ibiza and the green splendor that at this time (because it has normally rained a lot) spreads to the horizon.

If you are more practical or rather less bucolic, you can always take the flowering almond trees as a perfect excuse to take a good walk, eat in more local places and know another aspect of the island, one of the most authentic: the Rural side of Ibiza, the peasant, the furthest from discotheques, DJs and noise, because it is a side of the island filled with peace and silence, farm animals and good oxygen.

Ibiza is very well known for its nightlife and beaches, but there’s an intimate, private, nature flourished side of the island that you shouldn’t miss when you come to visit Ibiza, for it’s considered one of the wonders of the mediterranean nature.

If you want to discover this happily quiet spectacle of almond blossomed trees at Corona, check out this promenades for different levels and do not miss the night walk that is organized every year to see the almond trees by the moonlight, one of the most beautiful views we have seen in our life.


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