(by Pablo Burgués)  

I know it seems ugly to start something talkingabout oneself, but it’s also wrong to arrive somewhere new without introducingyourself… Apart from that, and as the distinguished Mr. Miguel de Unamuno said: “Italk a lot about myself, because I’m the man I have nearer”. Well, thissaid, here I go.

My name is Pablo and I’m a middle-low range human being, with ten toes, nose hairs and twoears on both sides of the head. For circumstances of life (and disagreementswith law), I spent almost 10 years of my life travelling around the world, andtelling my adventures in the video blog sabáticos.com, the TVshow El Intermedio at LaSexta, and the newspaper HuffingtonPost.

After reading this perhaps you’re thinking somethingsuch as: “for fuck’s sake, what an intrepid as well as interesting travellerexperienced with the heat of ancient and far-off cultures should hide behindthese lines”. To get this romantic and wrong idea out of your head, here youhave a video that perfectly shows the kind of tomfoolery I became known for:


Well then, the point is that a couple of yearsago, for other circumstances of life (and because my disagreements with lawwere already unprosecutable) I decided to stop jogging around the world andsettle again in Spain and Olé. In so doing I thought this would be the end ofmy traveller’s tales, because they have always been based on culture clash andthat’s very difficult to find in your own country. But destiny had prepared a surprise for me…

After several months of trial and error atdifferent geographical parts of Spain, my ass landed in one of the mostincredible, crazy and spontaneous places I’ve ever seen. Yes, my friends, I’mtalking about the white island, the jewelof the Pitiusas, a place as heavenlyas surrealistic. Ladies and gentleman, a big round of applause for Ibiza

In this blessed place, in the last months I’vebeen constantly meeting picturesque characters, foolish stories and bizarresituations that I’ve been gathering little by little and that I want to sharewith the rest of the world from now on. Why?To make our lovely planet a better place where boys and girls can smile everymorning. Well, for this and because I’m going to get paid for it… but it’s morefor the first reason than for the second, I swear by Almighty God.

Thus, ladies and lords (drumrolls), gentlemenand gentlewomen (fireworks), welcome to Day 1 of the Age Typic d’aquí, a blog that eachweek (if the forces of law and order don’t prevent it) will tell you stories, curiosities and anecdotesfrom the only place on earth where you can see things such as these:


Long live Ibiza! Long live the smiles of the world’s children! Long live Typic d’aquí!


Translation: Dora Sales

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