(by Pablo Burgués)

God, that gentleman with a beard and a triangle flying over his head, was commissioned the titanic mission of setting the universe up in just six days. He was such a handy guy that he not only gave the keys of the place by the date agreed, but he also had time to install a lot of extra elements out of plane here and there. Two of these extra elements are in charge of announcing every year that spring has arrived: El Corte Inglés and the almond blossom. I haven’t much to say about the first one, as we have none in Ibiza. However, we have almond trees in abundance and there is a highly crosschecked legend that tells us why.

A long, very long, time ago, a Moorish king with endless fortune lived in this island. In spite of his opulent life, the guy was a bit down because he still hadn’t found a good attractive girl with whom he could share sofa, series and blanket on the cold winter Sundays. Fed up with that situation, he ordered one of his soldiers (whom we’ll call Tinder) to travel around the world and don’t come back to the palace until he found a beautiful woman willing to marry His Majesty.

After long months of comings and goings, going up and down the wagon, the hardened soldier came back to the island with a extremely beautiful princess from the north of India. The truth is that the first meeting between the engaged was a bit cold and distant, because she got angry when she realized that the king was 15 years older than the picture Tinder had shown her. But, well, close contact breeds affection, and little by little the initial annoyance gave way to inordinate love. And after a couple of weeks the two love birds were already watching the ninth season of The Big Bang Theory.

In spite of all the love they professed, there was a detail that still made the princess become very sad and gloomy, and it was the fact that she would never see again the lovely snow that covered the mountains of the north of India.

The king, very worried for this, and knowing that with all the nuisance of the global warming it would be really difficult that it may snow in Ibiza at some point, sent for the wise men of the court, hoping that those gentlemen with glasses could find a solution. After thinking a lot, they found it, and the king promised the princess that, before the next spring, her lovely eyes could see snow through her window. As expected, the girl thought that His Majesty had been drinking herbal liqueur again, and she didn’t take him seriously.

However, on a sunny February morning, the king went to wake the princess up at her bedroom and told her: “My beloved, open the window and, as I promised you, from here you can see snow again”. The princess peeked out and, wonderstruck, she discovered that the valley was completely covered by the white blanket of the blossom of hundreds and hundreds of almond trees that the king had ordered to plant for her.

That wonderful scene made the future queen felt finally at home, and she never was homesick again, never ever.


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Translation: Dora Sales

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