Back in 1946, Plaza del Parque was inaugurated in the center of Ibiza to serve as a docking area for the mounts and carts of the farmers who approached the city. Today, it remains the same but with a modern touch.

It's true that Plaza del Parque, in the center of Ibiza city, is not very beautiful nowadays, nor does it enjoy beautiful views. So, you may wonder, why do we talk about it at Typic Hotels? Because it is also true that it is one of the most popular meeting points, both in winter and summer, especially for the local people and continuous residents of Ibiza. Visitors or vacationers usually don't know it because they typically head straight to the bustling and touristy bars in the La Marina port. But Plaza del Parque is a perfect place to meet friends and have a drink before or after dinner, and it's worth noting that this square is always lively, both during the day for breakfast or a snack, as well as for a drink or two well into the night.

It's a pedestrian square in the heart of Ibiza city, just behind Plaza Vara de Rey and before the Dalt Villa wall. It is filled with bars and restaurants offering a wide variety of options but always with a common denominator: the average price, both for drinks and food. During the summer (especially), its diverse and busy terraces host all kinds of performances, official and street, adding even more vibrancy and characterizing it with a local, eclectic, and open atmosphere. Additionally, small craft stalls with jewelry, clothing, or art dot its center in case you want to take home a beautiful souvenir.

Undoubtedly, Plaza del Parque in Ibiza city is a good place to let yourself go, chat, observe, and, why not, rediscover yourself among the people.


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