If there is someone who can guarantee the best conditions and free cancellation, it is precisely the same accommodation.

Only by direct bookings, you ensure the best conditions and free cancellation. We have two types of rates, the one with free cancellation up to 4 days before arrival, and the partially refundable rate. Here we will only talk about the totally free cancellable, without expenses, you can book and you will not have to pay anything until your arrival at the Hotel. 

You can find publications of our accommodation in other sales channels, which also have a free cancellation rate, but the conditions are different and are always worse than the conditions on our official website. For example: on our website you can cancel for free up to 4 days before the arrival date, however in other channels you must do so much longer than those 4 days, and the amount is charged or blocked on that date, not like this on the official website that we await your arrival at the Hotel. 

Additional advantages of direct booking on the official website of Typic Hotels: Welcome gift, it can be a bag, a towel, a fridge pin, a bottle of water, a cocktail, a bottle opener, it can vary but you will always have a detail In addition, in addition, the best price always guaranteed, also the preferential allocation of rooms by direct reservation, and of course, the possibility of changing dates, all with direct treatment and without intermediaries, by phone or email. 

 The payment of the official web reservation, with free cancellation, is made upon arrival at the establishment. at the time of the reservation we will ask for the credit card, but only as a guarantee of the reservation.

Typic advantages ;-)