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And we're not just talking about club parties. We're talking about local village festivals. Authentic gatherings of culture, tradition and fun in a relaxed, casual atmosphere. Parties for all audiences. A great way to discover the essence of the Pitiusas islands. We hope you enjoy them.


Saint Ciriaco

The patron saint of Ibiza

During the week of August 8, Ibiza is stained with color and fireworks.

Tradition and culture come together in a myriad of activities for young and old in the framework of the Festes de la Terra": live music, workshops, games, shows, gastronomy...

San Agustín

Rock 'n roll

A festival that bets on culture and is strongly marked by its musical essence: outdoor concerts, local style rock bands, pagès dancing, barbecue and a spectacular atmosphere throughout the village.

The big day is August 28, although the events begin a few weeks earlier and last until September 10.

Flower Power

Joy and fun in Formentera

One of the most important events in Formentera.

Several times a year Formentera's popular festivals are held, always crowned by a Flower Power: a true homage to the island's hippie past.

Medieval Fair

Unique and historical

During the second weekend of May, Dalt Vila is completely transformed into a medieval town.

Four days of celebration that will transport you to the Middle Ages. Gastronomic stalls, taverns, games, crafts and musicians.

All inside the wall of Dalt Vila welcomes every year this festival full of fakirs, knights, nobles, minstrels and snake charmers, who fill the streets with animation and color.