Ibiza has many attractions and one of them are not in the sea but in the land, specifically inside. It is called Sa Cova de Can Marçà and is close to the Port of San Miguel, to the northwest of the island, inside a cliff between 12 and 14 meters above sea level and surrounded by a beautiful natural environment with a view Breathtaking views of the bay. From the terrace of your small cafe you can contemplate a very beautiful panorama of the north of Ibiza, with the islands Murada and Ferradura right in front.

The cave is more than 100,000 years old and smugglers were the first to use it to deposit their goods and register them with notches or markings on the walls, many of which are still there.

The visit has two parts: the first is a surprising walk on the outside, right on the cliffs and during the second part you will enter the cave and you will see the different geological formations that have been created as stalactites and stalagmites, Lakes and even a waterfall. With the passage of time, the waterfalls ceased to emanate water, however, the Cova de Can Marçà has perfectly recreated this natural effect through a game of water, lights and sounds that still gives greater appeal to the excursion.

And as we have been doing, the plan can be carried out both in winter and summer as it is open to the public all year round. In addition, for a modest price of 10 € the entrance, a guide will explain in various languages ??each and every one of the particularities of this beautiful place: anecdotes, data, elements, curiosities, ... In the time that lasts the journey, about 40 minutes , You will enter (never better) in a unique space, in another era. Because, just as we are the result of a mixture of different aspects, Ibiza is the same. Come and see another aspect of Ibiza. Come and get to know yourself.


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