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Oh my gosh, guys! Ibiza is seriously amazing! Not only does it have the most stunning beaches and epic parties ever, but there are so many incredible things to do during the day and night. Whether you're into art, history, food, music, culture, or tradition, Ibiza has it all and then some! Trust me, you won't be bored for a second. I absolutely love how authentic and unique this island is. It's the perfect place to connect with your passions and discover new ones. So don't miss out on all the amazing experiences Ibiza has to offer!


Dalt Vila

World Heritage Site

One of the best preserved walled complexes in the Mediterranean.

Its narrow streets are full of stories of all the cultures that have inhabited it: Greeks, Romans, Carthaginians, Phoenicians, Arabs and even pirates have left their mark on the ancient city of Ibiza.

Do not miss its impressive 13th century cathedral located at the top of the city. When you get tired of strolling through its cobblestone streets, relax with a refreshing drink on one of its charming terraces.

Es vedrà

Magic, energy, magnetism

A magical area, full of energy, mystery and legends.

This majestic islet in the southwest of Ibiza is located in a wonderful enclave that will make you fall in love, especially if you watch it at sunset from the tower des Savinar, when the surrounding waters are stained with the colors of the sunset.

You can also see Es Vedrá from Cala D'Hort, a beautiful beach north of San José, or taste a typical dish like Bullit de Peix in one of its restaurants.


Religious and defensive function

The churches of Ibiza have a historical role and are a perfect excuse to tour the interior of the island.

Their role was not limited to the cultural or religious level, but they were also a refuge for the peasants against the continuous pirate attacks: hence their unique fortress-like appearance.


Mysticism and Buddhas in the Mediterranean Sea

Among the countless magical corners that Ibiza hides, this corner of the island is located on the other side of the mountain of Sa Torre des Savinar.

From this old sandstone quarry the stone was extracted to create the wall of Dalt Vila.

The small altars that some visitors have built, or the figures carved and painted on the walls, such as small gods and Buddhas, as well as various appeals for peace, are striking in this place.

It is said that for several years a group of hippies used an old cave as a house, which once served as a shelter for the mine workers when it rained. They were the ones who baptized this attractive place with the name of Atlantis.  

Further down, already in the sea, you will find several natural pools. Undoubtedly, a special place full of magic.