(by Pablo Burgués)

Hi there! We are Hugo and Marlot, an Argentine and Dutch couple that lives on a sailboat in the waters of Ibiza and Formentera. We organize day trips with the boat to show the beauty of the Pitiusas Islands from the sea.

Who were Marlot and Hugo before arriving in Ibiza? Hugo worked in an advertising agency in Madrid. I, Marlot, studied cultural anthropology in Holland.

When did you come to the island for the first time and why did you stay? Hugo came in 1999 and stayed because he felt that here he really could be completely who he was and live without having to disguise himself as something else. I came to do volunteer work at La Casita Verde, an ecological center. Then I could see that many people here live differently, in a different way than society teaches us. This inspired me a lot (and still inspires me).

So, did you meet in Ibiza? Yes! We met at a party on the beach of Port des Torrent. There are two versions of that night, it depends on who you ask! LOL

How did your passion for the sea begins? Hugo started sailing in Ibiza, a friend invited him one day to his sailboat and from this moment the sea hooked him. In addition, his great-grandfather was a Galician sailor who stood out in Buenos Aires, so there would be something! I, despite being Dutch, didn't know anything about ships until I met Hugo, so he had to teach me all about life at sea!

What is the history of your ship? It is a classic sailboat with two wooden poles built in Taiwan in the seventies. The previous owner is a friend of Hugo, both were sailing together in the Caribbean with the ship. His friend was very fond of the sailboat so when he had to sell it he wanted him to stay in ‘family’. So we bought it.

What makes Once upon a boat special among the other 2,364 (or more) boat rental companies operating in Ibiza? There is no ship like ours in Ibiza and Formentera, it is really unique! In addition, the way we work is different from everyone else since it is a small business run by its owners. Our ‘company’ is just Hugo, the ship and me, so we can have a very personal deal with people. We want everyone to feel at home when they are with us on board.

Imagine that they give you one of those huge billboards that are outside the airport and that are the first thing tourists see when they arrive in Ibiza. What would you put in it? "Don't hurry up in Ibiza" and our website: www.onceuponaboat.es.

Finally, which character in Ibiza would you like to have the next interview do? To Nora Belton, my yoga teacher. An authentic spirit of the island.


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