Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for a sustainability storm that's hit Ibiza! At the incredible Typic Marina Playa Hotel, they're making waves with their green commitment, and they're not kidding around. Let me spill the eco-beans on this exciting adventure!

Goodbye Mini Bottles, Hello Sustainability!

Remember those never-ending mini shampoo and conditioner bottles? Well, Typic Marina Playa hotel has left them behind in search of a more sustainable future! And that's not all, single-use plastic straws, stirrers, and cups are off the guest list too. This hotel is proof that being eco-friendly is the new cool!

A Parade of Water and Energy Efficiency

Rain alert! Not in Ibiza, but in water efficiency. Low-flow toilets and showers have taken the stage to save the most precious resource. Who knew a toilet could be a hero? And in the energy department, LED lights and double-glazed windows are the energy-saving stars.

Epic, Local, and Vegan Menu

Food isn't just a necessity, it's a palate party and planet-saving mission! Here, most of the food is locally sourced, meaning you're tasting Ibiza's culinary love. Vegan or vegetarian? They've got your back! This place offers options that will make your taste buds dance!

Community, Music, and Green Magic!

The Typic Marina Playa Hotel isn't just grooving with sustainability, it's also dancing with the local community! Excursions and activities organized by local experts are the icing on the cake. And don't miss the showcase of local artists – Ibiza is the inspiration!

Nature at Its Finest

Nature enthusiasts, listen up! There are gardens and rooftop terraces waiting for you at the hotel! Relaxation and natural beauty all in one place. Can you ask for more?

In a nutshell, the Typic Marina Playa Hotel is leading the charge toward a sustainable future with a smile and loads of style. So, if you want a vacation that's good for the planet and makes you feel like a superstar, look no further! Typic is waiting, and it's bringing an unmatched dose of sustainability and fun to the table!


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