It's very difficult to choose the best beaches in Ibiza because the island is fortunate and packed with them. So, let's make a list of the main ones. We won't mention all of them because it would be an almost endless list. If you love Ibiza's beaches, remember that preserving the Posidonia is the way to maintain the characteristic and beautiful turquoise color that defines them. Here's a link to a map highlighting the most well-known ones.

Let's go by areas and start with Santa Eulalia, the municipality in the northeast of Ibiza. Here's the selection of must-visit beaches in the area.


Cala Olivera Beach

One of our most typical beaches: it's a small untouched cove, not very crowded because it's not well-known. It's accessible and quite peaceful. It's surrounded by large pine forests, and although the beach is sandy and gravelly, the water is rocky, so bring some shoes you can get into the water with. 

Very close to this place, we can find the Clot d'en Llaudis, a coastal inlet created by nature that, when viewed from the side, looks like a dinosaur.

Sol d'en Serra Beach

A cove with round stones, pebbles, and little coarse sand. This spot is located in a rugged area with a high cliff. Its transparent waters reveal a beautiful seabed. Access is somewhat limited as you have to descend some stairs, so it's rare to find many people here. For us at Typic Hotels, it's a great place to find tranquility and peace with your loved ones. The Amante, one of the trendy beach clubs in Ibiza, is located here.

Cala Blanca Beach

A gem on the island where it's very difficult to find visitors, whether tourists or locals, due to its difficult access.

To get there from Cala LLonga, you have to walk more than half a kilometer on a very rough gravel road. At the end of the path, you reach the sea, but not the beach. To your right, you'll find, somewhat hidden, a hundred-meter tunnel that leads to Cala Blanca. 

It's an untouched beach without any services. However, it offers wonderful views and priceless tranquility.

Cala LLonga Beach

Cala Llonga is a beach that families with children really enjoy because you have to go quite far into the water before it gets deep. Additionally, it's part of a residential and tourist area surrounded by amenities: rental sunbeds and umbrellas and beach bars. It's a cove with plenty of sand, both lengthwise and widthwise, and you'll see very few rocks on it.

In Cala Llonga, you'll find the Typic Oasis Sa Tanca Apartments with their pleasant, family-friendly, and always welcoming restaurant: S'Aroma. Among other advantages, S'Aroma has a designated play area for children, so you can enjoy your meal while the little ones have fun.

Cala Nova Beach

Hippy and family-friendly bay, easily accessible from the village of Es Canar. It's a small cove with fine, white sand where you may find some rocky outcrops, so caution is advised. The turquoise waters are shallow until you go further in, making it great for families with children. The beach is long but narrow, surrounded by lush vegetation.

There are some restaurants and souvenir shops where you can get that sun cream you forgot to bring.

Cala Llenya Beach

One of the best beaches in the eastern part of the island: spacious, clean, fine sand, crystal-clear and shallow water, set in a wild and vibrant environment. If you're looking for a family-friendly, relaxed, and calm atmosphere, this is the bay for you. However, it tends to be quite busy, so you won't be able to enjoy it in solitude.

Cala Mastella Beach

Small, semi-wild, tranquil cove perfect for disconnecting. Surrounded by lush nature and a small boatyard where we can enjoy it without crowds. Green waters with a bottom where sand and large pebbles mix, so caution is needed when getting into the water.

It is home to one of Ibiza's most popular restaurants: El Bigotes.

Es Figueral Beach

Spacious bay divided into two areas by a jetty. Its name comes from the high number of fig trees in the area. When you enter the cove, you can admire a landscape of sea and cliffs, surrounded by lush vegetation. It offers a comfortably wide stretch of white sand for the whole family. The water is shallow and turquoise. There are some rocks in the sea, but since the water is crystal clear, they can be avoided.

It is a good spot, for example, to take one of the ferries that will take you to Santa Eulalia or other bays in the eastern part of Ibiza for a maritime excursion or to go kayaking.

Cala Boix Beach

Stunning family-friendly cove with black sand, unique on the whole island, surrounded by a natural environment with pine forests. The turquoise blue of the water provides a great contrast with the dark sand. Since it is inside a bay, it usually has calm waters, and the high cliffs allow for some dreamy photographs. It is quite popular among the locals.

Aigües Blanques Beach

This cove is sheltered by enormous cliffs but is so long that it's exposed to the wind. The sand, although dark, is fine, and you can take a stroll along the beach. Additionally, it is calm and family-friendly. It is a nudist beach, although it is usual for those who practice nudism to concentrate on the left side facing the sea. Moreover, on one side, you can find an area where you can apply clay to your skin.

The access road is paved, but it is quite steep, so remember that you will have to climb back up after going down!


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