One again, it's summer and I am traveling to Ibiza. Its magic awaits me.

Just when you arrive at the airport you already feel that you are on a magical island, a small airport with the summer feelings.

I pick up the suitcases and the car that I have rented where always, where they already know me.

I am heading to the east of the island where my favorite Typic Art apartments await me.

I settle in, I change my clothes, because in Ibiza there is a different fashion, where you have to feel comfortable, beautiful and practical, always wearing a bikini as underwear because you never know what you are going to enjoy !!…..prepared for everything.

I stop at Bar Casa Anita in sant Carles here you have the menu and whats on there, time stops just entering, you are in another era, everything seems different, there is no more stress or problems, no telephone …only you .

On another island, in another time and enjoying the moment.

A lot of coves await me where I can take my first swim of the summer, in crystal clear and turquoise waters... I decided to go to Cala Mastella, my first dip and then its fabulous beach bar that almost touch the sea with your hands...

It seems like a dream I'm here again !

I am invaded by the smell of fish just taken from the sea and an atmosphere, which, believe me, is hard to find anywhere else in the world.

It's getting late and the sun has set, in Ibiza time passes quickly because in one day you savor many sensations, all of them pleasant.

I decided to go to the town of Santa Gertrudis where its sandwiches are famous, it is a very charming town where you can have a delicious sandwich and breathe the atmosphere of an Ibizan town... full of shops with their special charm, Mediterranean colors.

Tomorrow is Saturday, market day, in Las Dalias , no I can't wait for's my obligatory appointment, full 

very original things.

 Fashion, I'm not going to lie to you, you'll have to come back every summer to be able to wear it because it's for Ibiza, it looks great on you in Ibiza.

I go into the market and end up listening to music on a terrace of the same market, I have something cool and I escape from reality so easily that I wouldn't move from there, I listened to the music and I enjoyed the moment with all my senses.

It's time to cool off, how easy it is in Ibiza to find a cove, with transparent water and a fantastic beach bar where you can eat fresh products. This time I decided on El figueral beach and stopped to eat at the beach bar that is on it beach . 

The day ends, and I decide to watch the sunset, on the beach of Benirrás where the day ends in a spectacular way. Drums, atmosphere, smell of the sea, it is summer and there is happiness…


I will continue in Ibiza if you want I will keep telling you the emotions that this island awakens as soon as you step on it….

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