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Hello, my name is Nora and I am a mother and grandmother. In addition to this I offer training courses for yoga teachers and I teach classes and sessions for all types of people. I am also a Reiki teacher and therapeutic massage therapist and I love dance and singing ...


Who was Nora Belton before arriving in Ibiza? A modern dance dancer who traveled the world, discovering the richness of different cultures and composing songs.

You spent seven years dancing in Paris. How does a Californian like you end up dancing in the capital of the Seine? After finishing my studies I released the reins, I broke free and decided to do what my heart asked me to do: dance and play percussion. At that time I fell in love with a Frenchman who came to see me at one of my poetry readings and a year later we went to live in Paris, where previously I had spent a year at the Sorbonne. There I was from 78 to 84 dancing and playing music. An artist's life!


When did you come to the island for the first time and why did you stay? I escaped a winter in Paris looking for an island where I had been told that people were "free": Formentera. I spent 10 days there and when I returned home I did not stop having strange dreams that prompted me to return. The air and the water, the nature, the extraordinary light and the sensation of never being afraid and never being lost ... All of that robbed me.

What “legal” things do you miss about that Ibiza of the 80s? The feeling of never being in a hurry. Not knowing who or what you are going to meet. The spring water. Life without the phone in hand. The anonymous generosity of the neighbors. The paellas in the field.

How was your first yoga class in the pitiusas? It was in San Antonio, on the roof of the Clot Marés Market. They were free 2-hour classes, paid by the town hall. This was before doing my official training as a professional teacher. I was more naive and impulsive. It was a great circle of healing among souls.

In 2010 you set up "Spirit Body Yoga", a school based on the Sivananda style. Can you explain to me how this is going in such a simple way that even a bumpkin like me can understand it? It is a style of yoga developed by a doctor and spiritual teacher called Swami Sivananda and that uses all the tools of Classic Yoga (exercise, meditation, singing, breathing, self-inquiry, community, selfless service, philosophy, spirituality ...) to heal not only physical afflictions, but also mind and soul. The energy of the classes conveys the same message that Sivananda himself put into a song: "Serve, love, give, purify, meditate, perform. Be good, do good, be kind, be compassionate." Yoga is a learning of self-knowledge and an expression of love, but to be an instrument of love towards others we have to incorporate this message within ourselves. We must take care of our body, our mind and our soul.


What do these islands have to be friend of all natural and spiritual therapies?: musician-therapy, kineso-therapy, gemo-therapy, aioli-therapy, fiesta-therapy... Ibiza is a magnet for Healing and personal challenges. It is a place where you feel yourself. That is why the energy of Ibiza supports the creative expression of each person's search, either alone or in a group.

What advice would you give your granddaughter to reach your age half as good as you? Feed your curiosity. Practice the thanks. Make your fear an ally. Your heart is the most sacred temple, the best refuge. Express your emotions. And above all, beyond words, I want you to know deeply dear and appreciated by me, always. And as the mantra says: "May your knowledge become light."

Imagine that they give you one of those huge billboards that are outside the airport and that are the first thing tourists see when they arrive in Ibiza. What would you put in it? Well, look, the first thing you see when disembarking in the port of Formentera is: “KEEP CALM AND SAVE POSIDONIA.” We need everyone to be aware that the island is a piece of paradise on earth. That is our Mother, she takes care of us and embraces us with her beauty and her generosity. Let's revere her. Let's protect her.

Finally, what character of Ibiza would you like the next interview to do? To Cristobal Ibiza, a person responsible for La voz de los que nadie quiere escuchar, an organization for the help of the homeless in Ibiza.


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