(by Pablo Burgués)


So you can imagine a quick mental picture of the inexplicable Can Jordi universe, I’ll tell you that this place is a sort of “agro” Corte Inglés (shopping center) where you can  have a coffee, buy 20 kilos of hen feed, visit an exhibition of Tibetan photography, take a couple of butane cylinders, compete in a chess tournament…

In case this wide and exclusive variety of products and services is not  tempting enough for any modern human being, moreover, there is a concert every Friday and Saturday, all year. The shows, as the place itself, are really heterogeneous and you can either meet local musicians playing a jazz jam session, or a couple of octogenarian yankees playing bachata country, four Ukrainian girls playing punk, or a macaw playing a flute… That is, WOMAD festival musical eclecticism is nothing compared to this.

On days with show, this bar/grocery/agricultural products warehouse/cultural center/gas distributor/job center is packed out and to park your car is part of the show. Nearby  verges and fields are so full of cars that the premises’ staff has a team of car park attendants, who will help you to park in a small free gap below a tree, behind a tractor or over an irrigation channel.

Facing such a flood of people, concerts take place outside the premises. For the sake of the musicians’ safety? I don’t think so, my friends, because the stage is barely 5 meters away from the main road of Sant Josep (the darkest express road to the north of  Burundi). So, the concerts take place outdoors for the sake of the public’s safety? That’s not the case either, because the public sits 3 meters away from that road (and only 2 meters away from a butane cylinders warehouse). That’s rock & roll, baby, dangerous and explosive.

What’s really funny about this place is not music, neither the wide variety of low cost alcoholic drinks, nor the possibility of being knocked down by a service bus, but the customers. If Ibiza is miscellaneous itself, Can Jordi is the height of unlikely human relationships, a sort of cocktail mixed nuts and dried fruit where you can either meet an Indian multi millionaire playing rock-paper-scissors with a hippie who lives in a cave, the gravedigger of Santa Eulalia talking in Esperanto with three Russian models, or the paralympic champion of hammer dancing belly dance with a Filipino heavy priest.

All in all: instead of spending a small fortune to go to  Cirque du Solei, you better come to Can Jordi Blues Station. Here a small glass of beer costs 1’40€ and show is more than  guaranteed.



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