(by Pablo Burgués)

Last week I told you about the cactuses’ inner life, those nice spiky friends that cheer gardens and Ibiza fields up. Well, my friends, this week I’m going to go on about the same topic. Why? Because it is a super interesting subject and, besides, you love cactuses and the ball is this and it’s mine.

Taking into account that cactuses like water even less than Charlie Sheen does, we could think that these creatures come from the driest continent in the planet: Africa. However, scientific studies show that most of them come from South America. Why?  It seems that 40 million years ago (more or less, maybe one year up or down) South America suffered a climate change that turned it into a huge desert. Facing that terrible heat, plants began to die, but some of them were real cracks and mutated their leaves, turning them into spikes. These spikes, as they are very thin, reduce the area of the plant that is exposed under the sun, and thus it gathers not so much heat. Also, the spikes become a sort of tiny drainage channels that gather the small drops of dew in the morning and take them towards the cactus trunk, where the water is stored.

How did the cactuses arrive to Europe and the rest of the world? Well, due to the birds’ asses… let me explain. It seems that birds love the cactus fruit, which is full of small seeds. And, after eating, these animals start flying with their bellies being full, and after some digestion hours, they scatter cactus seeds all around (with their all-included fertilizer).

As I don’t know what else to tell you and I’m being paid for a 500-words post, I’ll tell you now a beautiful tale on love and cactuses:

Once upon a time there was a man with a huge moral dilemma: to go on living peacefully and without problems with the lady he’d been married for more than 30 years, or go away to live life with his brand-new lover aged 28 years.

As the guy was unable to decide, he went to ask for a sage advice, and he showed him two flowers: a rose and a cactus. Which one do you choose?, he asked him. The man replied: The rose, because it is more beautiful. After that the sage, who, besides being very clever was a bit ballbuster, said: Yes, my friend, the rose is very beautiful but it is also very fragile and soon all what it has to offer you will wither. However, the cactus is strong and will remain upright by your side in spite of any problem. So now, tell me, which one do you choose?


After that clarifying talk, the man ran to his house and told his wife: Kitty, do you know how to count? Well, from now on do not count on me. Immediately afterwards he bought a red convertible and got off with the young girl, who knows where.



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Translation: Dora Sales

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