(by Pablo Burgués)

As I told you last week, in June 1978 Bob Marley came to Ibiza to offer a concert and the very first thing he uttered when he landed at the airport was the word “Rastafarian”. This is the name of a religion born in Jamaica and which followers, including Bob, are mad keen on Ethiopia. Why did they choose that country instead of a cooler one? I’ll tell you…

According to the best-selling gossip and science fiction journal in history, the Holy Bible, the Queen of Sheba travelled to Jerusalem in 700 BC in order to “meet” the most brilliant influencer at the time: King Solomon. Though the guy had more than 600 “official” wives, he was kind enough to take time off his busy bedroom schedule to pay deep attention to his new guest.

This warm meeting was gathered in the Old Testament in the following way: “And King Solomon gave the Queen of Sheba all she wanted to ask for, besides what he, with his magnanimity, had already given her”. What the spendthrift monarch had given as a present to the beautiful lady was nothing more than a nice belly from which Menelik I, founder of Ethiopia, was born nine months afterwards. 

Some centuries later, more precisely in 1930, the Idon’tknowwhichgreatgreatgrandson of this gentleman, one called Ras Tafari Makonnen, was appointed Emperor of Ethiopia. The Rasta community understood this fact as the fulfilment of a prophecy that stated that the liberation of black people would begin the day a black king was crowned in Africa. And so this Tafari became the Jesus Christ Superstar of the Rastafarians, and Ethiopia became their Holy Land.

There are two identifying traits that tell us whether a Rastafarian is trustworthy: one, that he has long rastas in his hair, and two, that he smokes tons of mariguana. This is because according to these guys ganja is a holy plant that helps human being to get in touch with God (it seems that the poor man hasn’t got whatsApp). And thus this religion pleads for the global legalization of cannabis, adding that, as it’s a completely natural substance, it can’t be bad for health… 

With all due respect, I have to say that this last point seems a bit daring to me, because there are several natural things that are not so good, to say the least. For instance, get a cigarette of uranium and you’ll see how funny it may be.

Well, I’ve talked a lot about the Rastafarian universe and finally I haven’t told you anything about the gorgeous concert of Bob Marley in Ibiza… If you agree, we’ll get into the details next week.


To be continued…



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