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Hi, my name is Jose Corraliza. I have more than 25 years of experience in the world of events, artistic shows and leisure, which are also my passion. 

What brought you for the first time to this galaxy called Ibiza? I came on holiday almost 30 years ago and I perfectly remember the streets, the atmosphere and the very special feeling that you felt just walking around. 

Everyone has heard of ibiza so all the people who come here bring a preconceived idea of the island. Does it look like what you were looking for to what you found? Ibiza is a whole cosmos within itself, a magical island that awakens feelings and exudes a very beautiful energy. What I had in my head turned out to be much better, although of course, it takes a while to see it and it requires going through the process of the island accepting you as well J. Once you connect you really start to experience the island in a different way and then you discover many more things.

Ok, Ibiza is sooooo cooool, but tell me something bad about the island, that thing that has ever made you think about to leave. The island requires you to adapt to living on it, just that. It's a "cool" island but it's not for everyone, just like any big city, not everyone is able to live in the city. 

What said on your CV to be chosen as General and Creative Director of Heart Ibiza? Passion and more than 25 years working in this world, making people excited and having learned a lot from my teachers... accompanied by a lot of work.


For those who don't know, Heart Ibiza is a crazy thing created between Ferran and Albert Adriá (those people who cook little things that taste so good) and Guy Lalierté (the only owner of a circus who has travelled into space). Is Heart a place halfway between El Bulli and Cirque du Soleil? I think it's got a little bit of everything... and one more turn. It could be defined as a "creative collision of art, gastronomy and music". To create El Bulli or Cirque du Soleil, you need to be a genius and a visionary, since both changed gastronomy and circus and today they are among the 100 most influential people in the world. Those visions now share a path in Heart and there is no doubt that there is a Bulli and Cirque spirit in everything we do, but as Ferran says, "we will know the impact of Heart as an experience when 10 years have passed".

Everyone knows that neither Rafa Nadal drives a KIA, nor does Antonio Banderas use the cheap perfume he advertises. Are Adriá brothers and Laliberté really into this project or are they just the image of the business? Guy, Ferran and Albert have been very involved in the project from the beginning. Today Albert and I spend a lot of time thinking up and creating new emotions, which of course we share with Ferran and Guy.

Is it difficult to have such brilliant guys as bosses? Of course it is! hahaha... More than anything I feel lucky to learn from such visionary people. With Guy it's been more than 20 years working and with Ferran and Albert I haven't stopped learning since I met them. When you know what they've done in their own way you don't need more to give your best every day and try to be at the level you need to be.

What new things we will see this year in Heart? We have changed the whole concept, the menu... We always try to evolve by implementing what we learn every day to improve. This year, I have looked at time as a concept and measure of everything. And, we have built it as a goal, to enjoy our present. We will enjoy a journey that will excite us. in addition we are designing some spectacular nights in our club with some novelties that will surprise you. 

What would you say to people who think that eating at your club is expensive? Well, it is! It's almost 400 euros per person but you have to put it in perspective. Many clients who experience Heart don't feel it was expensive because they feel that what we give them in return is worth it and that makes us proud. Our main objective is to give quality at all levels and we have a team of 300 people working day and night just for that. 

Imagine that you are given one of those huge billboards at the exit of the airport, which is the first thing tourists see when they arrive in Ibiza. What would you put on it? "You're about to freak out!" Hahaha, No, i would really put: "FROM HERE ON... FOLLOW YOUR HEART. Maybe I'll put it, I like it.

Finally, which character from the Ibiza universe would you like me to interview next time? Brasilio, the creator of La Troya, which is the most iconic party on the island. He's a person who knows the dynamics of Ibiza like no one else and I could spend hours listening to what he has to say. 


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