Explore the Island's Gastronomy in Five Flavors. Eat and drink in Ibiza.

Whenever you dine at a restaurant in Ibiza, you must start your meal by either ordering a typical island dish, pan con alioli, or a Coca de Pebrera. The latter is an appetizer prepared with roasted red peppers, garlic, and can also be made with olives and/or tuna. All of this filling is served on a crispy crust that will make you lick your fingers.

One of the typical and traditional dishes of Ibicenco cuisine is the Sofrito Payes. It is a hearty dish that combines ingredients such as meat (lamb, chicken, hen, or pork), potatoes, garlic, and local sausages (chorizo, bacon, sobrasada, and/or butifarra). This dish was prepared by the peasants on festive days, as it could not be consumed daily due to the scarcity of ingredients and the high cost in the old Ibicenco society.

From land products, we move to the sea. This time, it's a very typical recipe of Ibicenco gastronomy, the Frita de Pulpo. It's an easy-to-cook but somewhat laborious recipe, and the ingredients such as peppers, onions, potatoes, garlic, laurel... can be easily found in any local supermarket or market. We must mention the typical dish par excellence in Ibiza, the Bullit de Peix. A stew made up of fish accompanied by potatoes and rice. With this dish, you'll discover the essence of the sea and the land. The sofrito used in its preparation consists of garlic, peppers, tomato, onion, laurel, saffron, not forgetting the liquid gold (olive oil).


For dessert, you can choose between two delicious options, Flaó or Greixonera. The former is a cake made with flour, anise, mint, and filled with fresh cheese or curd, depending on the texture you prefer. In the past, it was only prepared on Easter Sunday, but nowadays, it's made whenever you fancy it. The greixonera is the quintessential Ibiza dessert. Essentially, it is made from stale ensaimadas from previous days that have not been consumed and have become dry, creating a kind of pudding. The name was assigned based on the container in which it is prepared, which is a clay pot.

To conclude this exquisite menu, let's toast with a typical shot of ibiza herbs that will not only make you enjoy but also aid in digestion.

These are the five key points that highlight the delicious culinary offering of Ibiza that you can only experience, enjoy, taste, and embrace in Ibiza.

Bon appétit! And have a joyful stay on the Magic Island.

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