Hi, my name is Mario Sylleros, but my stage name is Masyga. I'm the resident dj and Artist Manager of Aperture Ibiza.

Who was Mario Sylleros before he came to Ibiza? I was born in Chile where I studied advertising. Later I set up with other partners an audiovisual production company and specialized in 3D and video. In 1997 my curiosity made me look for new horizons and I decided to go with my girl to Madrid, along with all my instruments, computers and illusions. I settled down in the Malasaña neighbourhood and a new world really opened up for me. I lived the final stage of "la movida", a time full of creativity, art, respect and above all freedom.

When did you first come to the island and why did you stay? In 1998 a friend invited us to visit Ibiza. I was very surprised by its beaches, the surroundings... Everything was wonderful! There was no overcrowding like today and relaxation and tolerance were in the air. In addition, the island was the world centre of electronic music and everywhere you went you heard good beats. After this first trip I started to come many times a year until 2006 when I left my beloved Madrid and settled here.

When do you realize that a DJ lives inside you? Since I was a kid I had my own rock band, but the dj thing was something that came up when I was working doing visuals in clubs. At that time the VJ thing was something new and I was one of the pioneers in handling the first software in that field. I spent a lot of hours working with different DJs and I always thought: "I could do what they do". One day I was asked to play at an event for an international fashion label and I accepted, even though I lacked the necessary technique. A few days before the event I bought some equipment and started practicing. The session went great, soon other events came up and I've been working professionally for a decade now.


You say that you are the Artist Manager of Aperture Terrace... Can you explain to my grandmother (and by the way to me) what the hell is that? The Artist Manager is the person who filters and selects the dj's, performances, musicians and performances that take place in a venue. On this island everybody wants to be a dj and you have to be careful to give the opportunity to those who really work hard and not to those who are just following a fad.

What makes Aperture Terrace special among the 182731873687123 entertainment venues on the Island. The good vibes. One of the reasons I'm at Aperture is because of the human quality, both of the owners and the staff, and that good vibes are transmitted to the customers. In addition to that, there is an impressive terrace with sea views, with the best sunsets on the island, good cocktails, delicious food and of course, very careful music sessions.

From 2010 to 2013 you were Pacha Moscow's international resident DJ. I can think of few places more antagonistic to Ibiza than Russia... How different is the Moscow night from the Ibiza night? Moscow is a big city so there you don't feel the same relaxation and diversity of people as on an island where you come on holiday.


What would a perfect day on the island be like for you? In the morning I would go for a swim in Cala Saladeta. Later on, have lunch on the beach in Cala Bassa, and then take a boat to watch the sunset from the sea, accompanied by a good glass of champagne. At night I will take a walk through Dalt Vila and have dinner in one of the restaurants in the old town. And at night, if you still have energy, go to a club where there is a dj I am interested in listening to.

Imagine that they give you one of those huge billboards that are at the exit of the airport, the first thing that tourists see when they arrive in Ibiza. What would you put on it? Dj Masyga: the soundtrack of your holidays in Ibiza.

Which Ibizan character would you like me to interview next time? The filmmaker David Marqués to tell us how the island has influenced his audiovisual perspective.


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