The Island of Ibiza during the summer months, sees its rhythm and road occupation altered, the routes and trips to its towns, beaches and tourist centers such as San Antonio, Cala Llonga, Es Canar among others, vary, so it is recommended, know the best way to get around this beautiful Pitiusa island.


This post is about.

  • The fastest transfer from Ibiza Airport to your hotel or apartment.
  • The cheapest transfer from Ibiza Airport to your Typic accommodation, by bus.
  • The most comfortable transfer from Ibiza Airport to your destination in Ibiza, in a private transfer.
  • The self service transfer, drive yourself How to rent a car to get to your hotel in Ibiza?
  • The most original transfer on the sea.
  • The hippie transfer
  • The best alternatives to the Taxi for a journey and displacement to the different areas and towns of Ibiza.


If you are looking to save time to go to Ibiza Airport or get to your hotel, apartment, the easiest, fastest, and most agile way is to take a taxi from the arrivals terminal at the Airport, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. of the week.

Booking a Taxi from Ibiza Airport is not possible, it is only possible to book it from any accommodation, hotel, apartments, houses, restaurants, shops, etc. Upon arrival at the Airport, further down in this article you will see the approximate cost of the taxi ride for each different destination.

Taxis in Ibiza can transfer 4 people + the driver, luggage is included in the price, you will see them below. Taxi Phone in Ibiza +34 971333333



Approximate taxi prices updated as of January 2024


Typic Marina Playa Hotel, San Antonio Bay --> Ibiza Airport = 35€  

Typic Oasis Sa Tanca Apartments, Cala Llonga --> Ibiza Airport =  36€  

Typic Sandic Apartments, Es Canar --> Ibiza Airport =  46€ 


Typic Art Apartments , Es Canar --> Ibiza Airport  = 44€


The cheapest transfer to the Hotel or Apartment is undoubtedly the regular bus, which connects the different points of the Island. Here you can see all the bus lines in operation in Ibiza with their routes, prices and schedules. 


The private transfer to the hotel or apartment is the most comfortable, since it is the only one that allows you to make a reservation in advance and pick it up at the Airport. There is a high demand for this service, even more so when services such as Uber, Cabify, Lyft , are not present or authorized in any of the Balearic Islands, we will see in the coming years if the new platforms such as Kapty, Revel or Alto reach Spain and Ibiza. For now, the solution is to book at local transfer agencies such as: Ibizabus, Ibizavip, Ibizainmotion, Ibiride. , there are some other companies that intermediate.

The private transfer is the rarest and most demanded, so it is advisable to confirm with the company that offers the service despite having booked it in advance, there are cases in which confirmed and charged reservations have had to be canceled and the prepayment returned, due to the shortage of this service.


The self-service transfer or driving yourself, is a good alternative for the transfer from the Airport to the Hotel, book a rental car, that makes it easier for you to arrive and at your leisure, without rushing, you can also visit other places at your own pace. Typic advantages for car rental.


The most original transfer and with a traveler's philosophy, is over the sea, you can reach various destinations with the boats that link the different coastal points, such as Santa Eulalia, Cala Llonga, Es Canar, yes, you will have to arrive from the Airport before to the port of Ibiza here Ferrys Santa Eulalia has routes to these destinations.


The Hippie transfer, very fashionable in the 70s, better known as Auto-stop when you stick your finger out so that any vehicle that passes by will take you and leave you near your Accommodation, unusual nowadays, but… yourself… without haste.


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